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We carry a wide variety of all the feed and supplies you will need for your poultry, including feeders, waterers, heat lamps, wire, small incubators, and even books on raising birds. 

We are no longer taking orders for chicks, but we are taking orders for Turkeys.  We should also have extra chicks available on May 19th and June 16th.

Click Here for Turkey Order Form

Please Mail Forms to:

Long Horn

PO Box 225

Buxton, ME 04093


Scan & Email to:


Fax to: 1-703-935-5503 (this is E-Fax, so it IS 1-703!)

You can also call your order in over the phone, but please read the order form for all the information about pick up and pricing etc.

Please Order Early for Best Selection!

Not all breeds will be available after April, so the earlier you order your chicks, the better chance you will have of getting what you want.  The hatchery can only get eggs from certain breeds for a limited time, and it is usually early in the spring.  If they can't get eggs, we can't get chicks!  The Traditional Layers are usually available without any problems right through June, but the Rare Breed Layers & Bantams are in shorter supply.

The hatchery needs our orders at least 4 weeks prior to the ship date, so please plan on getting us your order no later than 4 weeks prior to the date you want to get your chicks. The sooner you get us the order, the more likely you will be able to get the chicks you want!

Marek's Vaccinations

All of the laying and bantam chicks that we order are vaccinated for Marek's Disease, which can devastate a flock of young hens just as they reach laying age, so our chicks are more expensive than some other local chicks, but we have found that it is worth paying a little more as chicks to prevent them from getting Marek's Disease.

Extra Chicks

If we have extra chicks available, they will be for sale as soon as we know everyone who ordered got theirs chicks,

or by Monday morning at the latest!

Download this PDF on the care of Baby Chicks!

Quart Jar - $1.69

Feeder Base - $3.50

Water Base - $1.50

Lamp with Clamp - $10.99

250wt Clear Bulb - $3.99

250wt Red Bulb - $7.99

125wt Clear Bulb - $3.75